WOLFStars – how to become a WOLFStar!

What is WOLFStars?

WOLFStars is an audio talent programme for anyone who wants to share their vocal performance, with the opportunity to perform on WOLF’s many entertainment stages and Channels. It’s a really exclusive pool of talent, including chat show hosts, game show hosts, singers, podcasters, DJs, story tellers, poets, comedians and presenters. Only the very best performers become a WOLFStar.

WOLFStars is a big part of the WOLF Qanawat online community; it’s an initiative dedicated to launching the careers of content creators to transform them into real-life stars. WOLF Qanawat app users, and those that become WOLFStars, actively support, promote and champion each other.

As with the WOLF Qanawat app users, all WOLFStars are Arabic-speaking, residing in many different countries across the Middle East, North Africa and beyond, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, UAE, Jordan, Algeria, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Palestine, USA, France, Germany, Brazil, Poland and Turkey. 

WOLFStars was created to give people the chance to create their own shows and entertainment for their communities, which, in turn, provides a constant stream of performances to enjoy.

Who can become a WOLFStar?

Anyone who is a WOLF Qanawat app user can try and become a WOLFStar. If they think they have real talent and a burning desire to perform, we encourage them to give it a go! 

Ultimately, the WOLF Qanawat community will decide if they have the star quality to join the exclusive club; currently there are 250 WOLFStars – the crème de la crème of entertainers!

Whether they’re in front of the audience or working behind the scenes to pull off the perfect gig, WOLFStars has a melting pot of audio entertainers and people looking to put on awesome shows. We bring together those running digital venues in WOLF and the talent who perform on their stages, as well as offering performance-based rewards for winning competitions.

Why become a WOLFStar?

If someone is serious about becoming a real-life performer, WOLFStars is the springboard to stardom that they need. It was created to help promote talent and offers benefits and support. 

Here’s what the WOLF Qanawat app offers them:

  1. Deliver their vocal performance without having to worry about the visuals; the app has unique custom stages placing performers and their audience in cool, immersive digital venues
  2. Put on their show at any time and from anywhere; perform as a side hustle or as their primary source of income (more about how they can earn later)
  3. The WOLF Qanawat team will advise them on how to create the best shows to help them really excel and gain more listeners
  4. They enjoy open, two-way communication between them and their fans and audiences. They can chat, message and interact with others during their live show, gaining feedback and inviting other app performers to join their show
  5. They engage and collaborate with the WOLF Qanawat community and approach existing Channel owners to suggest shows and performances
  6. They’ll be promoted both in-app and on social media with the aim to expand their audience and their talent.

How does someone become a WOLFStar?

For anyone who’s ready to shoot for the stars, here’s how. WOLF Qanawat has monthly auditions during the third week of every month, with an experienced jury that evaluates all the performances. On the last day of the month the winning performers are announced and they can then perform from the very next day!

The winners are usually a mix of performers – story tellers, podcasters, singers, DJs and more. Once they win, they become a WOLFStar and add a badge on their profile to promote their status. At this point, they can start approaching Channel Owners to suggest shows or performances, but often it’s the Channel Owners approaching them, to create new entertainment for their communities.

What talents gain as a WOLFStar?

Once someone gets their WOLFStar badge and starts performing, we start paying them. For the monetisation to kick in, WOLFStars need to do a minimum of two, and a maximum of five, performances a week, with a monthly minimum of eight, and maximum of 18.

How much they earn is based on popularity – judged by the number of listeners to their performance. They can also earn special charms as revenue that they share with the Channel Owners. 

They will gain fame and notoriety, and if they’re a top performer, they will be displayed on the weekly or monthly leaderboard. 

And if they’re feeling really confident, there is a monthly competition between performers, vying to win an elite WOLFStar Pro badge that’s added to their profile and visible to all users. 

To show appreciation to members that show support to WOLFStars, we have a monthly show where top supporters are mentioned in a ‘Thank You’ ceremony. 

We’re always on the lookout for new WOLFStars, so spread the word!

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