WOLF Qanawat and 100wardeh partnership pushes the boundaries of technology

WOLF Qanawat has teamed up with 100wardeh, MENA’s premier flower and gift delivery service, to blend the app’s virtual world with 100wardeh’s real-life experience. 

This partnership represents a revolutionary fusion of the two worlds, redefining how we engage with digital and physical experiences, together.

WOLF Qanawat was developed specifically for the Arabic-speaking MENA market to provide online community engagement and entertainment for audiences who can’t as easily socialise in the real world as in other parts of the world.

Since its launch in 2020, the app has evolved to become a destination for tens of thousands of users to interact together in real time, while enjoying audio events on unique live stages within the app. 

The app also offers users the opportunity for users to gift one another. On average, users spend between one and two hours per day in the app, and those who spend in-app, spend an average of $150 each per month.

In a move that pushes the boundaries of technology, 100wardeh is introducing virtual versions of its exquisite flower bouquets and other products and offering them to users on the WOLF Qanawat app. Customers can explore and purchase these virtual items, each representing a real, tangible counterpart, which can be redeemed for physical items from 100wardeh’s extensive collection. 

In real terms, this means the WOLF Qanawat community will soon be able to send flowers, chocolates, balloons, cakes and other gifts to their loved ones in parts of the Middle East, using the WOLF Qanawat app to do so.

This innovative approach enhances the connection between the digital and physical realms, offering a trailblazing, unique and immersive shopping experience.

Gary Knight, CEO of WOLF Qanawat, says: “This partnership goes beyond a mere collaboration; it’s a commitment to reshaping how we interact with the digital and physical worlds. 

“This latest offering, which comes after the integration of an AI assistant and a VR format, is another demonstration of our dedication to tech innovation and elevating user experiences. We’re not just creating a bridge between virtual and real; we’re crafting an entirely new landscape for consumers to explore.” 

100wardeh products have been available in WOLF Qanawat since the April 2024 partnership launch.

Mahmoud Radaideh, Founder and General Manager of 100wardeh, says: “Our collaboration with WOLF is a game-changer in the flower and gift delivery industry. We’re excited to offer our customers a novel way to engage with our products, creating a harmonious blend of the virtual and the tangible. This innovation heralds a new era in digital commerce, inviting customers to embark on an unparalleled journey of discovery.”

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