We Are Tech Women: The UK tech brand encouraging women to take centre stage in the Middle East

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As a UK tech company operating its business in the MENA region, WOLF believes passionately in the advancement & celebration of women.

Half of the business’ senior staff in the Middle East are female and overall, it employs more women than men in its Middle East operations – something the team are very proud of given that less than 10% of the Middle East’s tech workforce is female.

This International Women’s Day WOLF wants to put the spotlight on MENA women and celebrate the contribution that women and girls in the region are making in the fields of technology, STEM, innovation, and entrepreneurship – despite facing conventional beliefs, societal pressures and inequality challenges.

In the first virtual event of its kind, WOLF is launching a festival for its users based in MENA that is dedicated to showcasing women’s talents.

Read the full article at WE ARE TECH WOMEN

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