Senior Backend Developer

Are you a Senior Backend Developer who likes the sound of working with a start-up on a digital entertainment app that is at the forefront of the “new normal” way of socialising? Do you want to work somewhere where you’re part of a team that genuinely takes pride in what they’re creating, who is straightforward, constantly challenges themselves, and are always learning?

Role & Responsibilities

As a Senior Backend Developer, you will join and work with a team of like-minded developers to build new features into and improve our existing systems. There will be plenty of opportunities to research and develop solutions using new technologies, languages, and design patterns.

There are a varied number of different areas to work on, including but not limited to, feature development, production issue debugging/optimisation, cloud infrastructure design, and legacy code uplifts.

Skills & Qualifications

  • 8+ years software development experience
  • Advanced knowledge and experience with one or more of Node.js / Java / C#/.NET (or another similar language)
  • Experience creating & designing RESTful/real-time API services
  • Experience utilising database and caching applications
  • Capable of working autonomously

Technology Stack Overview

  • Node.js (Typescript/Javascript)
  • Message Queues (RabbitMQ)
  • SQL/NoSQL (MySQL, DynamoDB)
  • AWS Cloud Native (Elastic Container Service, Docker)
  • CI/CD (AWS CodePipeline)

About Us

The World’s Online Festival (or WOLF for short) is dedicated to bringing the magic of real-world festivals to the online world – uniting people across the globe in discovery, entertainment and belonging.

From the developers that launched the first chat app on the Apple App Store, WOLF’s a free app that’s a space for freedom and creativity in your online life—whether that’s checking out live shows, chatting, or discovering talent — that’s all wrapped up in a fun community. We know that now, more than ever, connecting with people, wherever you are, is the foundation of what makes WOLF work.

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