Entertainment in the Metaverse, The Future

Entertainment in the metaverse, the future

The entertainment industry has evolved over the years, from gigs to large festivals. During the pandemic, organisers had to adapt to the changing environment and restrictions being placed across the world.

With the scene changing rapidly to adjust to the external changes, what’s the next big thing? Recently, Gary Knight, CEO, WOLF Qanawat, shared his insights on the future of the entertainment industry in the metaverse.

With the metaverse, the future is now. By taking your virtual self – your avatar – and using it to enjoy and achieve the things you want on the internet rather than in the real world, the metaverse removes physical barriers to allow millions of people to enjoy immersing themselves in live gigs without leaving the house. For the entertainment industry, the metaverse holds endless possibilities. The future of entertainment in the metaverse is influenced by three key verticals: unlocking individual creativity, exploring immersive experiences and storytelling, and building new worlds.

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