UK start-up launches AI assistant for Arabic users

British start-up introduces AI virtual assistant “Yasmine” to enhance Arabic-speaking user experience

WOLF Qanawat, the British audio entertainment communities app, has announced the launch of its first customised AI Virtual Assistant, named Yasmine. The development marks a significant milestone for the UK-based start-up, which has rapidly grown into one of the largest online communities for the Arabic-speaking market.

The AI assistant, which will be released to the WOLF store as a general entertainment premium bot in channels on October 2nd,  is fluent in Arabic and provides real-time assistance, helping users find content, connect with others, engage in fun and entertaining conversation and navigate the platform effectively.

Users can engage with Yasmine in communal Channels via a monthly subscription fee of $19,99, unlocking the benefits of the unique AI Virtual Assistant.

The WOLF Qanawat team has harnessed cutting-edge AI models, including those from Open AI, to equip Yasmine with in-depth knowledge of the WOLF community, app features, and channel activities.

The WOLF Qanawat AI Virtual Assistant is designed to enrich the experience of “her” community members; offering a seamless and convenient means of communication in Arabic, catering to the linguistic preferences and cultural nuances of the user base.

Since its inception in 2020, the WOLF Qanawat app has amassed more than three million users from the Middle East. This achievement solidifies the platform’s position as a prominent hub for audio entertainment and social interaction within the Arabic-speaking community.

Martin Rosinski, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of WOLF Qanawat, comments: “We are proud to have the first AI Virtual Assistant of its kind in the Arabic language. Yasmine will be the ideal fit for our user base, able to inform and amuse them, and be used in a community setting for games and entertainment. 

“We continually strive to make unique, game-changing experiences built on the best technology to enable our online community users in the MENA region to engage with each other.”

The launch of Yasmine into WOLF Qanawat’s offering aligns with the app’s mission to enhance the Arabic-speaking audio entertainment community’s experience and cements its position as the go-to platform for the Arabic audience.  

The WOLF Qanawat AI feature follows the recent launch of WOLF’s VR experience which went live earlier this month on the Meta Quest platform, ahead of future potential apps on extended-reality devices which will follow. To find out more about WOLF Qanawat, visit


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